Alcohol Disinfectant Wipes

Large size surface disinfectant wipes for disinfecting surfaces and non-invasive medical devices.

Product Highlights

Large size surface disinfectant wipes for non-invasive medical devices. Alcohol based disinfectant (63% ethanol)

Wipes have a lemon aroma and supplied in packs of 200. Each wipe measures 200 x 200mm.

Bactericidal, Yeasticidal, Fungicidal and Tuberculocidal. Also effective against viruses such as Coronavirus, Adenovirus, Norovirus, HIV and Hep C with a contact time of only 60 seconds.

Packaging options include dispenser tubs or economical ‘stand up’ refill packs. Now available in a more eco-friendly kit.

Always Read Product Label and Material Safety Data Sheet before use. For Professional use only.

Lemon fragranced

Does not contain possible carcinogen

Tub widely recycled

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